Do I need a private Investigator?

If you have theory or assertion that you believe to be true the answer is YES.
The Private Investigators job is to collect any evidence that proves or disproves your theory or assertion. The evidence obtained must be unbiased, untainted, and most importantly, It Must Be Fact.  This is a requirement to ensure that the evidence is admissible in court if your situation reaches this stage.

How can I trust the Private Investigator I hire is an honest one?

You really don’t know, unless you’re a psychic and a mind reader. Like any other profession, there are always a few unethical so called “Professionals” that give the majority of us a bad name. Interview the investigator or the investigative company. Research as much as possible about the company or Private investigator you are about to hire. You can go online to the Better Business Bureau as well as your respective states’ Consumer Protection Government web site.

As a professional Private Investigator one MUST uphold a professional code of conduct, including obeying the law, respecting clients’ rights and performing with honesty and integrity. VQuest was founded on these principals and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our services.

Is one Private Investigator enough for my information gathering?

Here at VQuest we have a team of highly trained Private Investigators.  The number of investigators needed depends on the complexities of the surveillance. For example: If we are following someone from an office building, hotel, or airport, additional Investigators would be needed to ensure visual contact at all times. Another example: Let’s say that the subject being followed is a cautious person. While he or she is driving their vehicles they will be looking in their rear view mirrors to see if their suspicions are correct. In this case a second investigator driving a different car would be ideal so that the subject is unable to notice the same vehicle following them mile after mile.

Note: An additional investigator would increase the cost of this assignment, a factor that should be taken when considering your budget.

How soon can I start?

Almost immediately: Planning the surveillance and /or your security needs is crucial for a successful outcome. We will meet with you at your convenience to develop the most effective strategy possible so that the end result would be one of accomplishment.  We will be relying on you to get the most information possible to complete a successful assignment.

Can you provide me with my own personal security?

Absolutely. Most people have romantic ideas about what personal protection really means.  It’s not James Bond or anything out of a big budget film.  In fact the field is anything but Hollywood.  Another misconception is that the “Body Guard” should be a 400 pound walking brick wall. These individuals are commonly full time bounces who sideline as “Bodyguards” and may lack any specialized training and required licensing and are hired to create a visual sense of security around the client. The mainstream perception of the “Bodyguard” is most likely the opposite of what is actually needed.

The vocational name is “Executive or Personal Protection Specialist” and highly trained and skilled specialists are hard to find.  Here at VQuest our specialist are highly skilled in all aspects of personal security. Consistently our advisors will work with you to ensure your security needs are being met.

What other security services does VQuest offer?

We also specialize in securing businesses as well as families and their residences.

Here at VQuest we focus on Preparation, Education, Communication, and Coordination to ensure the risk assessment we provide is dead on accurate to maximize your safety and prevent theft, misappropriation or concealment of valuables at your business.  We also provide professional security in the hospitality industry as well. We have provided our services at the Fountaineblue Hotel Miami Beach, Marriot Hotel among others. We also provide security for some of the finest restaurants in Miami.

We provided exceptional security services for the industry, short or long term.  Juvia Miami has been our client for almost 3 years. Our articulate, presentable specialists understand the importance of handling situations in a quick effective and discrete manner as to not cause a disturbance at your establishment. It is very important to communicate with customers, disgruntled or not. Communication, Patience, Understanding, are the three qualities we incorporate in our everyday dealing with your customers.

Trust in us.

Your Vision is our Quest